The Menu Project: Chemistry of Life Unit

You will be researching, cooking, photographing, commenting and blogging about healthy meal to demonstrate your knowledge of the human body for this unit!

The final product will be a glog and will be due February 24.

This is the main project RFP. Within this document are links to helpful sites.

You will use this menu capture sheet to help you collect information.

Ckick here to view the Sligo Media Center Menu Project Pathfinder. has some great resources including a variety of top 10 tips such as:

Healthy Living Brochure

building a Healthy Meal

Using the Super Tracker Feature

Click here for a look at a sample. If it does not come up, refresh the address. Right click and choose full-screen to read each section. Note this is a sample from last year’s project and includes more items than you are responsible for this year. Check your rubric to see what must be included. You need to hit the bakc button to return to the blog after you view the glog.


5 responses to “The Menu Project: Chemistry of Life Unit

  1. Im having a hard time finding out the essential nutrient for shrimp and broccoli, is there any way i could find out?

  2. Thanks!

  3. Mrs. Schneider, for some reason when i try to save my glog it says unable to save and i dont know what i should do

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