Hydroponics Project

Welcome to the hydroponics project resource page. Here you will find information on the types of systems, media, nutrients, and much more. If you find a great resource please feel free to share it!

Here are the links for your online textbooks: Links

These are the handouts given in class:

hydro reflection 6th 2012

hydro graph template

hydroponics project 2012

SR RFP Hydroponics modified for Period 1 and 3

SR RFP Hydroponics modified for Periods 5 and 6

Hydroponics Background Reading

These are helpful websites for background information:

Plant Nutrients

Cycle of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Requirements for Plant Growth








Resources:  glossary, types of systems, videos


8 responses to “Hydroponics Project

  1. Gabriel Shumdehan

    This blog offers useful resources enriching the classroom.

  2. i know right

  3. I Love your class it’s fun

  4. i do not understand this blog can u explain plzz 🙂

    • Hi Rachel,

      I use the blog to summarize what we did in class. I include photos of demonstrations and labs, links to vieods we watch in class, and links to the handouts you get in class. Do you have a question about the homework for tonight?

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