3.1.13 Study Guide for Genetics Test

Hello and happy Friday!

What a fantastic evening last night! Thank you all who came out to participate in Science Night and Sligo and a special thank you to all the students who shared their science fair projects. Job well done!!!!

For all classes your objective was to use Mendelian Genetics to predict the offspring genotype and phenotype in sexual reproduction as compared to asexual reproduction. We started the lesson off with Char genetoype. Then you moved through stations correcting your study guide using the 2013 genetic review answer key . Then you sat with a partner to get feedback on your BCR responses. Remember your test is Monday!

For periods 1, 5, and 6 your genetics project is due Tuesday.

For period 3 your GMO part 7 BCR from the Modern genetics videos and debate is due Tuesday.

Monday morning is the start of MSA testing. You will begin testing on Wednesday. Here is the schedule for the next 8 days: Daily 2013 MSA v2 original


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