2.26.13 Genetics Project and Transgenic Food

All 4 classes should be working on the 2013 genetic review which is due Friday as your test is Monday.

For periods 1, 5 and 6 your objective was to describe how genes are passed from parent to offspring by writing up your genetics report for your alias. Please see the Genetics Disorders Project tab above for all hand outs used in class. This typed assignment is due March 5th. This is the deadline and the due date. You may print it and hand in a hard copy or email it to me. Do not put it in the hand in folder.

For period 3, your objective was to your objective was to debate the pros and cons of using the principles of genetic in modern science and industry to improve the quality of agricultural products and life. We started the lesson off with Char genetoype. Then we watched a segment from NOVA: Frontline Harvest of Fear on transgenic salmon (cue to 5:45 minutes):  andhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmIfxWnzvD0&feature=youtu.be Then you worked with a partner to read through the two articles in the Modern genetics videos and debate for part 4 and completed the graphic organizer for the section.


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