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8.31.12 Safety Test

Happy Friday, and a three-day weekend at that! How was your first week back? Are you back into the swing of things or are you still on summer time? Today’s objective was to demonstrate the safety rules in the science classroom. We started the lesson off with safety warm up 3. Then we moved onto finishing the practice test. Then you took the safety test and scored 100%! While you waited for your classmates to finish up you worked on what not to do. We finished up with what NOT to do by watching and You do not have any homework! Enjoy your weekend 🙂


8.30.12 Safety Test Review

Good afternoon! Today’s objective was to describe and demonstrate lab safety in the classroom. 1st, 3rd, and 6th period started the lesson with safety warm up 2. 5th period started the lesson with safety warm up 3. Then we finished up collecting the information on the graphic organizer and checked your work. Then we completed the Activote practice quiz. Tonight’s homework is to study for the safety test tomorrow. Have a good evening!

8.29.12 Safety in the Science Classroom

Good afternoon! For period 1, 3, and 5 your objective was to describe and demonstrate lab safety in the classroom. For periods 1 and 3 we started the lesson with safety first warm up, period 5 started with safety warm up 2. We then talked about the importance of safety in the science classroom. We watched  funny but informative safety video: We then finished up the activote quiz about the routines in this class. We shared some illustrations from your homework on the Sligo R’S in science and got your homework for tonight: parent homework and SR MCPS Safety Contract. We then got into groups to rotate through the classroom collecting information about safety on the SR Safety PowerPoint Graphic Organizer using the TR Safety Powerpoint MS slides. We will finish this tomorrow, take a practice quiz and the real test Friday.

For periods 6 your objective was to demonstrate the rules, procedures, and routines in science class. We started the lesson of with the safety first warm up. Then we went through the routines in the classroom and then took the activote quiz. We finished up by looking at your illustrations of the Sligo R’S in science. We forgot to pass out the homework, but no worries, we’ll make sure you get it tomorrow 🙂

8.28.12 Rules, Procedures and Routines in the Classroom

Good afternoon! Thank you for another fabulous day! Nice job today everyone!!! Our objective was to demonstrate the rules, procedures, and routines in science class. For periods 1, 3, and 6 our warm up was Design Challenge Questions. For period 5 your warm up was safety first warm up. After a great discussion we went over the questions you had for me on the survey. Then you got the Course Expectations for 7 syllabus and we talked about each of the 4 units and projects that will drive the units. Then you heard about when you can turn in work: your first deadline in September 27 but get in the habit of turning in work on time to avoid stress later on :). Please make sure your parents fill out the contact info and turn that in to me tomorrow. Your home work is to illustrate one of the Sligo R’S in Science using Schneider classroom matrix 2012-2013. Please use COLOR! Then we went over the procedures in the classroom, how to enter, how to have a discussion, how to use materials, what to do with work, electronic devices and dismissal. 1st and 3rd period started the Activote quiz, we will all finish/do those tomorrow. If you did not get a chance to post a comment to blog last night please do it now :). Have a great evening!

8.27.12 First Day of School

Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic day, I know I did! Today’s objective was to work in a group to create the tallest spaghetti tower possible. We started the lesson off with New Student Survey as our warm up. I will respond to your questions tomorrow. Then we went over the classroom groundrules which we will do each and every day:

1. Follow directions.

2. Respect each other’s person, space and property.

3. Take responsibility for your education.

4. Be prepared to learn.

5. Leave the classroom and materials as you found them.

to remind ourselves what is the expectation in this classroom. Then you got into groups of 4 to create the tallest free-standing tower possible using raw spaghetti and gumdrops. What a fantastic job you did! Here are our winners:

1st period:  3rd period:  5th period:  and 6th period:  We will finish talking about the design process tomorrow, think about what went well, what was your process, what would you do differently next time. Tonight’s homework is first day homework so leave a comment below! Have a great evening and I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂

8.27.12 Using this Site

Welcome to Mrs. Schnieder’s IS7 Class! Through this blog you will be able to:

  • review  content  covered in class,
  • get handouts,
  • get extra help through interactive tutorials,
  • ask questions
  • learn about cool science news, and
  • find the Links to the online textbooks used in class

This site will be updated daily. You will still need to log into Edline to view your grades, but all other information will be available here! I look forward to a fascinating and fantastic year!

Feel free to ask questions, make  comments, or answer questions from your classmates. Remember this is an educational site so limit your comments to relevant topics using appropriate language. If you see an inappropriate post, please email me:

Mrs. Schneider


8.8.12 Wrapping up at NIST

Greetings@ I apologize for the delay in posting it has been an action packed few weeks. I am going to meet with Dr. Simon today to discuss the results of the second trial on the cell cultures. The results from the human osteoblasts were consistent with the results for the first trial. We saw the amount of DNA doubled from day 1 to day 7  We also saw the bridging of the osteoblasts on the scaffold that we saw in trial 1. However, the mouse osteoblast data was not consistent with the previous work. There was so much variation between the DNA of day 1 that the data is not significant .The same is true for day 7 data: The average DNA results did not support the two-fold increase from day 1 to day 7:  If this was your data, what would be your next step?

One of the other things we wanted to investigate was the growth of the mouse osteoblasts on the scaffolds. Given more time would the cells bridge the struts as the human cells did? We grew 3 scaffolds each for 14 days to compare the results and found that the mouse cells will also grow between the struts given enough time: mC3T3-E1 d14 and hBMSC-8001 d14. Perhaps the size of the cells affects the cell’s ability to grow between the struts. How could we test this?

Unfortunately, this is end of my time at NIST. It has been fantastic and I hope you learned as much as I did. I can’t wait to see you on August 27th! Enjoy the rest of your summer!