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5.31.12 Contagion City Recommendations

Hello! Today’s objective was to develop a plan for containing the Salmonella contagion and prevent other residents from becoming infected. We started the lesson off with name that scientist. THen you got your grade sheet and checked for any missing or corrected work. Then you worked on putting in the last piece of evidence into your Evidence Collection Notebook to identify which animal farm’s wasted was contaminating the spinach farm. Then you came up with a plan on how to prevent further contamination and stop the outbreak in Sligo Town. When you finished this you worked on the Forensics review GT 2012 which is due Tuesday, June 5th.


5.30.12 Forensics Review

Hello! I’m sorry I missed you today. Here’s what you worked on: Forensics review GT 2012 for periods 2 and 4 and Forensics review 6th 2012 for 6th period. This review is due on June 5th, the county review day. This is a document that has images of the lab materials used for the experiments we did if you forgot which one was which: Lab Techniques Images(1) and this is a list of vocabulary we used when describing the technique or results in these experiments: Lab Techniques Word Bank(1). You can also go back to previous posts to see some of your results and the steps taken to complete the experiment. Remember this exam will include a practicum section in which you will need to do a step to see a result or read a result from a lab so make sure you are familiar with how we did each experiment.

Period 2: Exam June 7

Period 4: Exam June 11

Period 6: Exam June 7

5.29.12 BacteriaStreaking Results

Hello! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Only 9 more days until you’re 8th graders!!! But first, what did we do today? Our objective was to We started the lesson off with unscramble 2. Then periods 2 and 4 received the Forensics review GT 2012 which you will work on in class tomorrow and is due June 5th. 6th period, this is your review: Forensics review 6th 2012 which you will also work on tomorrow and is also due June 5th. The we come back to our discussion on Salmonella and watched The Microbe World: Salmonella: A Friendly Enemy, pretty scary huh? Then you took a look at your results from the SR Bacteria Streaking Lab and answered the analysis questions:  A few of the plates showed some contamination but here is a clear example of which animal farm’s waste is contaminating the pond water used to irrigate the spinach plants. Again it was those sneaky science teachers: Ms. McGills Moos!  . Finally we finished up the Life in a Drop of Water  and found that Salmonella is classified as a Monera.


5.25.12 Creating a DNA Fingerprint

Good afternoon and happy friday! Many times in science our experimental results do not come out as we hypothesized but that still means we learn from them. That was the case with our bacteria streaking lab. We hypothesized that our plates would grow after 24 hours of incubation, they did not 😦 I believe the classroom temperature inhibited the growth of the bacteria. No worries, the air conditioning will be off over the weekend and that will give the bacteria a suitable environment in which to grow. We will record our results on Tuesday when we get back.

So what did we do today? Our objective was to use the Internet to show how a DNA fingerprint is created,  identify the steps of the process for creating a DNA fingerprint and solve a mystery using a DNA fingerprint. We started the lesson by collecting information using Create Fingerprint while watching Identifying Children: A Link for the Missing: DNA “Fingerprinting” under the Forensics section. We then moved onto Create a DNA Fingerprint, scroll down and click “view” to enter the interactive activity. You then learned what materials are used to create a DNA fingerprint from collecting a sample to analyzing the results.

5.24.12 Bacteria Streaking

Good afternoon! Today’s objective was to streak bacteria plates in order to determine which animal is responsible for contaminating the spinach field. We started the lesson with unscramble 1. We then talked about how bacteria may transfer from an animal farm to a plant farm and discussed run-off. We then reviewed what we know already in the Sligo Town Case Study on page one of Bacteria Streaking Lab. You were then shown how to label your plates:  collect your animal sample: and streak your plates: . We will observe our plates tomorrow to determine which animal farm is responsible for the salmonella contamination. You were then asked to think back to 6th grade science and the Butterfly Habitat project. We discussed what you remember about classifying organisms. We then watched Mr. Parr’s . Then we watched Tim and Moby Classification (sligoms, brainpop). We then used this information to start Life in a Drop of Water  which we will also finish tomorrow.

5.22.12 Bacteria

Hi! Sorry I missed you today but here’s what you worked on: Bacteria from PH guided reading and text. I know many of you will miss class tomorrow as you are taking the Algebra HSA. Good luck! You’ll do great and I’ll see you Thursday 🙂

Great Forensic Sites!

Good evening! I have been finding some fantastic sites for you to investigate the techniques used in crime scene investigation as well as some great interactive games that allow you to solve a mystery: Check them out!

Science Spot: Kid Zone Forensics