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3.28.12 Genetics Project


 We made it! Happy Spring Break!!!! We had a fantastic assembly showcasing the extra-curricular events offered at Einstein High School. In class we worked on the genetics project in the computer lab. here are the documents that you may need at home wo work on this project:

2nd and 4th period project template 

Research Links 

2nd 4th profiles 

mod SR RFP Genetic Disorders 2nd and 4th 

Your final project is due April 13th. Remember to check the rubric to make sure you have all the requirements. You may email your paper, put it in the hand in folder or print it out to turn it in. Have a great break!!!!!


3.28.12 Genetics Report and Modern Genetics

Hello! One more day until Spring Break! That also means one more day to turn in any missing/corrected work including the Modern genetics videos and debate BCR on page 5!

2nd and 4th periods: Our objective was to develop a genetics report for you and your partner as well as recommendations for your counseled couple. We worked in the computer lab to start typing up the final copy of your report using 2nd and 4th period project template while following the rubric on page 3 of the mod SR RFP Genetic Disorders 2nd and 4th. If you need to do reasearch on your own, here  are the Research Links. This is a list of the profiles and genotypes: 2nd and 4th Profiles. The final typed report is due April 13th. It must be written in paragraph form and typed!

For 6th period we worked on the Microarray Lab  and Research Capture Sheet for A and SC 6th and Research Capture Sheet for H and CF 6th depending on which alias you were assigned.

3.27.12 Microarray and Disease Research

Hello! Sorry, this post got lost last night 😦 Here’s what we did yesterday:

2nd period: We completed the Microarray Lab  to determine the genotype of your offspring!

4th period: We worked on collecting your disease research and your genotypes of your offspring and the offspring of your counseled couple.

6th period: After an attempt to complete the Microarray Lab  we worked on human genetic disorders and advances in genetics using your Cells and Heredity textbook.

Today we are on the field trip to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

3.22.12 and 3.23.12 Disease Research

Hello and happy friday! Sorry, yesterday ran by too fast so I am writing two post in one 🙂 Yesterday all 3 classes were in the computer lab  to reasearch their alias’ genetic disorder as well as the disorder of the ir counseled couple. We used these capture sheets: Achondroplasia, Cystic Fibrosis, Huntingtons, and Sickle Cell along using these Research Links. 2nd period will back in the lab today to finish up. 4th period will be back in the lab Monday to finish. 6th period finished researching their own disorder yesterday. Today 4th period will hear from  a guest speaker, Kam Ng Bio as part of the upcoming which is April 27-29th at the Washington Convention Center. 6th period will have an assembly about the upcoming field trip to the US Holocaust Museum on Tuesday.

Remember, your Modern genetics videos and debate BCR is due Monday and Thursday is the end of the 3rd quarter so all missing/corrected work is due Thursday! Enjoy your weekend!

3.21.12 Modern Genetics and Genetics Project

 Hello! Are you excited testing is over! you did great! There is a regular schedule tomorrow. Remember that we will be in the computer lab Room 216 tomorrow to start researching the disease of our alias’. Today’s objectives were to debate the pros and cons of using the principles of genetic  in modern science and industry to improve the quality of agricultural products and of life and  to describe the probability of the offspring from their alias. We started the lesson with pp 1.3. Then we finished up part 4 of Modern genetics videos and debate by watching NOVA: Harvest of Fear PArt 11 (3 minutes in). Your homework is to develop an opinion on Genetically Modified organisms using the notes we collected. Part 5 is due Monday. If you need more information, check out: World Health Organization 20 Questions, Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms or Genetically Modified foods.

We then worked on page 2 of  Research Capture Sheet for H and CF or Research Capture Sheet for A and SC depending on your profile, here’s the list  All Profiles.

All Things Einstein!

Yesterday the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launched a website to share Albert Einstein’s work. His journals, letters, notes and theories are available to view. These handwritten documents are fascinating, take a look at: Einstein Archive

3.20.12 Modern Genetics Day 2

Good afternoon! One day of math testing down, one more to go! Today’s objective was to debate the pros and cons of using the principles of genetic  in modern science and industry to improve the quality of agricultural products and of life. We started the lesson off with pp 1.2. Then we moved onto discuss our understanding of modern genetics so far. We then took a look at one genetically modified food: salmon from and . As  we watched we recorded information on part 3 of Modern genetics videos and debate. We will take a look at what scientists have done with rice and banana plants tomorrow.