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Punnett Square Practice

Feeling a little confused about Punnett Squares? Try one of these online tutorials:

This is a great virtual lab: BL_05.html






 and of course: punnettsquares.html


2.29.12 Punnet Square Practice

Hello, today;’s objective was to model how genetic information is passed from parent to offspring. We started the lesson off with the first of the genetics warm ups. We then went onto watch: in 2nd and 6th  periods,  for 4th period. We then finished up with more punnett square practice. We then moved on to D SR Monohybridcrosses which will be graded. You do not need to write your answers in a ratio, you can use a fraction but make sure you list both the genotype (letters) and phenotype (what you see) results. Tomorrow you will be creating a creature with various traits and reviewing for the quiz on DNA on Friday.

Check out this site, it has great review games and when you get a question correct you can shoot a basket or kick a goal: Science Review Games: Genetics

2.28.12 Punnett Square Practice

****Science Night at Sligo has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, March 6th form 7-9 pm.

Today’s objective was to predict how genetic information will be passed down from parent to offspring. We started the lesson with the explanation section of the asex-sex reproduction summary. We then watched a few science song from Mr.  Parr:  ,  , and . We then moved on to genetics 1 Vocabulary Magic Squares. Period 2 worked on Lemming Practice with the online tutorial. We then finished up with more punnett square practice.

Homework: Please make sure you give your parents/guardians the letter handed out today. Please get your permission slip and money into Mrs. Benson as soon as possible. It is due by March 20th for the Holocaust field trip March 27th. All missing/incorrect work needs to be turned in by Friday March 2nd to receive credit.

2.27.12 Project Presentations and Punnett Squares

Hello! Today’s objective was to model how genes are passed down from parent to offspring using Punnett Squares. 2nd and 4th period started off with the prediction section of the asex-sex reproduction summary and 6th period started with asex prediction warm up. We then watched  Mr. Parr’s Asexual Reproduction Song. Then students who wanted to share their project got a chance to show it off. We then went onto bp practice after watching Tim and Moby: Genetics (Sligoms, brainpop). Here’s the online tutorial that I used in class with Lemming Practice. Remember tha we have the DNA quiz on Friday (which is a half day too). Use the DNA Coloring worksheet to study.

GREAT Science Songs!

I’m so excited! I found a fantastic teacher who takes current songs and changes the lyrics to teach science concepts. How cool is that?!!?!?  Here are  some of the songs for topics we’ve covered so far


, and .

2.24.12 DNA and intro to genetics

Happy Friday! Thanks for all your hard work in getting your projects finished! Remember, you don’t have to “turn it in,” I see it online, just save it. I’m really looking forward to reading them. I’ll allow some time in class for you to show off your project if you would like to in class, they will also be on display Tuesday night for Science Night.

Today’s objective was to describe the structure of DNA and explain how genetic information is passed down from parent to offspring. I was so excited to hear about how much you guys brought to our discussion about genetics today. You’ve already been studying your family pedigree to find similarities and patterns in your traits and didn’t even know it! Some things you brought up was the difference in height from parents to offspring and from sibling to sibling, hair color, skin color, eye color, bending thumbs, and overall appearances. You will be taking a close look at passing on traits next week when we work with Punnett squares.

We started the lesson off with asex-sex reproduction summary page 2, identifying meiosis or mitosis. From there we went over the class survey results (I’ll post them on Monday). We then went over the  DNA Coloring notes, we will have a quiz on this Thursday. We then went onto watch a few videos to introduce genetics: 100 Greatest Discoveries: Gregor MendelGenetics 101, and Brainpop Genetics. We finished up with a class discussion of your observations of your family members. No homework tonight, enjoy your weekend!

2.23.12 Menu Project Day 3/3

Good afternoon! Today was the last day to work on the menu project. Remember you are not “turning it in” I just grade it from the web so there is no paper work. You still have time to finish it tonight just make sure you log into Check the menu project page above if you need help or post a comment and I’ll answer it.