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1.31.12 Menu Project Research Day 2

Hello! Today our objective was to find the cost and calorie count of the healthy meal for the menu project. This was the second day of reasearch for your project. Today your goal was to find a recipe (preferably a healthy one but you could adjust the recipe to make it more nutritious), find the cost of the making the meal and find the calories in the meal. The directions for the two calculations are Finding cost and calories. When using Peapod, you may need to remove the quantities listed before the food item in order for the program to match the name of the grocery item. You will be working from home now to cook you meal, photograph your meal, eat your meal and comment on your meal. This needs to happen by February 21st. We will have 2 days on the computers, February 21st and 22nd to create your glog. You will not be turning in any paper work, I will just grade your glog online. The project rubric is here  Project RFP and here is the menu capture sheet . Here is the comment card that you need to fill out as a family after the meal.

Your test for unit 2 is Friday. Your Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012 is due Thursday. Here is the answer key to check you work: Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012 answer key.


1.30.12 Menu Project Research Day 1

Good morning! Today’s objective was to determine what nutrients your body requires on a daily basis and find  healthy recipes that meet those goals. We worked on the menu capture sheet for the Project RFP. Today we were working on brainstorming recipe options, tracking your daily requirements, and looking for healthy recipes for your chosen meal. Tomorrow we will work on breaking down the items in the recipe to find the calorie count and cost to make the meal. Then you will have 2 weeks to cook, photograph, eat, and comment on the meal before we go back to the computer lab to create your glog.

1.27.12 Endocrine System

Good afternoon and happy Friday! How did you enjoy Arts and Academics Night? I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Janetta for running our crime scene investigation: on the Candy Caper. I will announce the winner of the raffle Monday morning.

Today’s objective was to function and structure of the endocrine system. We started with a POP QUIZ!!!!!!! No, it was graded, but it did start your heart racing right? You can thank your endocrine system for secreting adrenaline to help fight or flee. We then investigated the endocrine system with Brainpop and Kids Health. That spurred quite the discussion from dreaming of the incredible hulk and the blue screen from the computer keeping you awake. Post a comment if you know of a good resource for researching why we dream. But, yet again, I digress. So after the videos we worked on its under control using the textbook. Tonight’s homework is to work on the Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012 for the test Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

1.26.12 Summarizing Circ and Resp Systems

Good afternoon. Are you planing on coming out to Arts and Academic Night tonight? It should be great fun! We will be solving the “Candy Caper” in room 105.  Today’s objective was to investigate how to keep your circulatory and respiratory systems healthy. We started the lesson with part 2 of the heart warm ups for periods 4 and 6. For period 2 we started with finishing up on the heart vocab. Then we discussed healthy meal options, atherosclerosis and hypertension with Eat this or that and you textbook. We finished up the lesson with circ resp summary card which you need to turn in first thing tomorrow in class for a grade. Homework for tonight is to work on the Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012 for 2nd and 4th and Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012 6th. Remember that tomorrow is MSA practice testing so report to your testing group at 7:50. The schedule will be Testing, 1, 4, 5, BEST, 2, 3.

1.25.12 CIrculatory System

Good evening! I hope you all are excited about Arts and Academic Night tomorrow. I still need some help with the lab demonstration. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know. So, what did we do today? Our objective was to explain the function and structure of the circulatory system. 2nd period started the lesson with part 2 of the heart warm ups, 4th and 6th periods started with the first part. You were all given the Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012. Your test will be next Friday. February 3rd and this review is due Thursday, February 2nd. Work on it a little each night. Bring in any questions to class for help or post them here. You can also look through this blog for tutorials and videos to help you remember details. 4th and 6th periods finished up with the Structure of Circulatory System . 4th and 2nd periods were able to complete the structure of the heart. 2nd period was also able to model how the blood flows using index cards, nice job guys! 6th period your homework is to complete the blood flow assignment, everyone else needs to work on the review.

Remember, that tomorrow and Friday we have an adjusted schedule for MSA math practice testing, 6, 7, 1, 4, 5, BEST, 2, 3.


Unit 2: Chemistry of Life Assesment will be Feb 3rd

This is the Chemicals of Life review sheet 2012 for the unit assesment next Friday,  February 3rd. You will get a hard copy of this in class tomorrow. Use your notes, activites, homeworks and classwork assignments to help you complete this. We will gove over this Thursday, February 2nd.

1.24.12 Circulatory System

Good afternoon! Today’s objective was to describe the structure and functions of the circulatory system. 2nd period started with heart warm ups part one. 4th and 6th periods started with tell tale heart. You were then introduced to the main project RFP and were told to start thinking about what meal you would like to cook for your family. We will start researching recipes next week. We then went back to the heart and watched a few videos including the ones listed in the previous post “Blood Flow” and Kids Health: The Circulatory System, Tim and Moby (sligoms, brainpop) and my favorite: . We then worked on Structure of Circulatory System . We will finish that tomorrow. Tonight’s homework for 2nd and 4th periods is blood flow.