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Yeah!!!! The break is finally here! I wish you and your family a very happy holiday and happy new year!!!!!!!!!! See you next year ūüôā


12.22.11 Nervous System

Good afternoon and happy solstice!!!! Today is the first official day of winter and it feels like spring outside! Today is also the shortest day, that means we we¬†will get the least amount of sunlight (in hours)¬†today. That also means we will start to get more sunlight¬†per day as we move on through winter so cheer up! If you’d like to know more about the winter solstice, Washington Weather Gang (through The Washington Post) wrote a great article about it, check it out:¬† The Shortest Day of the Year.

So what did we do today??? Our objective was to describe that systems are necessary for survival in humans and other living organisms by investigating the role of the nervous system. 2nd period, even though we did not have technology we still met our goal today! We started the lesson with which side is dominant warm up. Then we moved into Falling Sticks Lab¬†to test your reflexes. Then we watched ¬†(catchy, isn’t it?). Then we¬†moved on to nervous system vocab fill in name¬†using your Science Explorer: Human Biology and Health.

Please do not forget that your final copy of the hydroponics reflection is due tomorrow. Have a great day!

12.21.11 Hydroponics reflection

Good afternoon! Today’s objective was to get and receive¬†feedback on the hydroponics reflection paper. We started the lesson with Muscular System summary. Then you were given the Hydroponics Reflection peer review¬†and you exchanged your rough draft with your partner. Tonight you need to write¬†your final product to he turned in Friday. You are not going to turn in the graphic organizer, just the final 2 paragraphs.

Resources to use for help: Hydroponics Background Reading, Leaves Stems Flowers Roots Reading, Science Explorer: Cells and Heredity, and Science Explorer: From Bacteria to Plants.


12.20.11 End muscular system and start nervous system

Good afternoon, 3 more days… :0 Today’s objective was to¬† describe that systems are necessary for survival in humans and other living organisms by investigating the role of the muscular and nervous systems. We started the lesson with muscle warm up. Then we watched Kids Health Muscular System.¬† Then you finished up the microscope work on Types of Muscles. Then we were introduced to the nervous system by taking the Stroop test¬†and the Memory test. Your homework tonight is to work on your rough draft of the hydro reflection¬†for periods 2 and 4 and hydro reflection per 6.

eBook: Science Explorer

You now have access to your textbook at home.

Click on the following links to view you Science Explorer textbook:

For Human Biology and Health

For From Bacteria to Plants (for help with your Hydroponics Reflection)

For Chemical Building Blocks

12.19.11 Muscular System

Good afternoon! 4 more days before winter break ūüôā Back to business: today’s objective was to describe that systems are necessary for survival in humans and other living organisms by investigating the role of the muscular system. We started off with¬†the¬†skeletal warm up . Then we took a look at some sample responses to : Describe how the structure and functions of bone help animals move on Skeletal System Applcation. Remember if you did not get 100% you can correct it for full credit. Then we finished taking notes on using the¬†muscle notes fill ins. Then it was time to take a look at skeletal muscle: , smooth muscle: , and cardiac muscle: ¬†and recorded your observations on Types of Muscles.¬† You also took a look at bone cells: . Your homework is to work on your rough draft of your hydro reflection. You will work with a partner to peer edit your work. The final draft is due Friday.

12.15.11 End Skeletal start Muscular System

Good afternoon. Today’s objective was to explain how the skeletal and muscular system helps organisms obtain food. We started the lesson with matching up the structure and function of a bone. Then you were to apply your knowledge of the skeletal system with Skeletal System Applcation. Then we heard the . Then we took a look at how the muscles work in pairs in . We ended up in discussing the structure and function of muscles in muscle notes fill ins student using muscle notes fill ins. Remember voluntary means “” and involuntary means “Nope, not gonna do it.”

If you have not turned in your color-coding-the-periodic-table, you need to turn it in as soon as possible.

Period 6: If you did not turn in your Calories in Food Background Reading.

Your hydro reflection is due December 23rd.