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We’re starting to get into the routine of school. Our objective today was to describe and demonstrate lab safety in the classroom. We started the lesson off with a safety first warm up. o there, periods 2 and 6 finished our discussion about rules, procedures, and routines and then completed the activote quiz.  Period 4 went straight into the safety lesson. We listened to the safety rap, then started reviewing the safety test using activotes. Tonight’s homework includes getting SR MCPS Safety Contract signed, illustrating one of the R’S in Science, and giving the parent homework letter to a parent/guardian.


2nd Day of School 8.30.11

We made it through another wonderful day. Thanks so much for letting me know about my mistake on the homework! If you are reading this, you found the right site! Our objective today was to demonstrate the rules, procedures and routines in the science classroom. We started off with a discussion on why safety is important in the science, safety first warm up. Then we discussed the design process we used in constructing the spaghetti towers, Design Challenge Questions. Then we took a look at the syllabus, the last page is homework. Finally we started talking about the rules, procedures and routines in the science classroom. This discussion will end with an activote quiz (4th period completed it.) Tomorrow we will start on our review for the safety quiz, Friday.

Earthquake in Silver Spring?!?!?

Click on the link to hear from a Geologist at William and Mary College.Mineral VA Earthquake

First Day of School

Welcome to Investigations in Science 7! Today in class we completed a student survey, New Student Survey worked in groups to create the tallest spaghetti tower, and discussed the design processDesign Challenge Questions. We discussed the first day homework which you can complete here! Thanks to a great first day! Check out the winning towers: 2nd Period, 4th Period, and 6th Period.


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